on this page you will find all the news and updates for our network.

FrisianRadio 2.0 update

We have completely remade our website! Now its better in many ways, its easier to find your favorite music, its faster and we have more stations then before with even more coming very soon! We are also working on a new home page that will be released soon. On
We'll keep you updated on here.

Uploaded by FrisianRadio development  on 20-12-2023

Server support has ended!

The support for the Minecraft server has ended.The server got hacked and everything and all data is gone.So we have decided to end the support, Because it would be to much work to get all of it back. 

The staff team want to thank you for playing and for the amazing times we all had.

Last goodbyes - Minecraft staff

Uploaded by FrisianLive on 31-10-2023

Server has updated to 1.20.x

We have updated our servers to the newest version of minecraft!
You now can join using all versions between 1.8.9 and 1.20.x

Uploaded by FrisianLive on 20-6-2023

Update FrisianMC Network v2

We have released a huge update to our server. we added a new lobby, new bedwars maps,more parkours, a new gamemode and lots of bug fixes
you can find our server info on the server page. Join us now and check it out!

uploaded by FrisianLive on 31-3-2023


We are happy to announce that we have lauched our new server. We added a new gamemode bedwars and added a lobby
we also have a new server IP you can find that in our discord! 

Uploaded by FrisianLive on 11-10-2022


 We have run into some issues making our server so the release date of the server shall be delayed well let you know more later.
The new date will be 07-10-2022

Uploaded by FrisianLive on 30-09-2022


We have decided to hire a new server admin to help us inprove your visit in our server
StokerNL also known as Jesse will be helping us out in the minecraft server and will help you with your questions.
welcome him and have fun! 

Uploaded by FrisianLive on 23-09-2022


The FrisianMc server network is currently in maintenace to make your journy in the server as fun and smooth as
possible. We are working very hard to complete this update and make the server public again to all of you!
 There are gonna be alot of new features avalible and a new lobby.
Join the discord to get more updates on how the server progresses and we will be able to answer any questions if you have those. We hope to see you soon on the new and improved server.

uploaded by FrisianLive on 21-09-2022

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