Server Shop

To support the server we offer some ranks with some nice bonuses for our players.
We offer the following ranks VIP & MVP

RANKS cant be bought anymore. Service has ended.

VIP Rank

* VIP everywhere on the server!
* More homes in survival (max 5)* Claim more land in survival
* Acces to amazing commands such as...
/backpack (extra storage, 3 rows)
     /pp (to get custom particals in the Lobby)
* Smoothtimber on items: iron axe and wooden axe.
* $10.000 ingame currency for /shop

MVP Rank

* Everything from VIP rank.
* MVP rank everywhere.
* More homes in survival (max 10)
* Claim even more land then VIP's!
* Acces to even more amazing commands...   
  /backpack extra storage (6 rows)
* Can use hoppers as filters.
* Smoothtimber on items: stone axe, netherite axe and diamond axe.
* $50.000 ingame currency for /shop